Free To Be Me

I’m a girl with BIG dreams and along with those dreams comes great fear. My fear has kept my feet firmly planted on the ground in my “safe” little world. I’ve just come to a place where I’m finding if I don’t make that first move to face my fear, I’ll regret it. So… what better way to take that first step then by jumping into the blogging world?

I’ve contemplated blogging for years and have notebooks full of my ideas, but again, my constant companion (biggest monster fear) was positive I had nothing worth saying. So if this blog amounts to nothing more than random thoughts and sharing of my struggles, I won’t consider it a failure but success – this is for ME!

This blog is not about perfection! You won’t find it on this site, in my home, in my husband (sorry honey) or my kids, in my minivan and most definitely not in me. I am human. I have struggles. You already know something about my fears. I am nothing – BUT – I have found a great love who takes me just as I am and He loves me anyway. Through Jesus Christ, I am free to be me. Every day He’s helping to make me who He would have me be (some days require a lot more work than others). I’m so thankful for His new mercies every morning, aren’t you?

As I embrace each day that He so graciously gives me, I choose to look past the seemingly impossible, imperfect, messiness of my life and see the beauty of each precious golden moment and treasure them. Looking at life through His eyes, there’s always at least one moment, word, memory or thought worth holding on to.

So I’m inviting you to come walk this path with me. Let’s hunt for the “gold” together. 🙂


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