Silence is Golden


Imagine for a moment a beautiful field of wildflowers. The wind gently blowing; the sunshine wrapping you in a warm hug. Listen closely and you hear absolutely nothing. All is quiet. You feel a great peace. In the beautiful silence you can hear the voice of the one who speaks to your very soul. The voice we all long to hear. It is the voice of the one who can reveal the answer to a prayer, give insight to a situation or through great compassion and love correct and rebuke a wrong attitude.

We all need to seek a place of solitude where we can be with our Lord. While prayer is critical to our relationship with Him, we must not forget that quiet time can be just as crucial. (You can read examples in the gospels of Jesus seeking His own quiet place.) Life gets overwhelming and the chaos can be choking. I find when I can sneak away, even for 15 minutes and allow Jesus to take my burdens, worries and fears. When I can sit quietly in His presence waiting and listening. A great peace floods my soul and I know He has given me the strength to press on. AND THEN when I step back into my little section of the world (the trenches of motherhood) and I hear the squeals, the laughter, and the endless noise of our everyday life, it doesn’t seem as loud as before. He restores my soul.

He can restore yours as well. Ps. 62:5 (NKJV) My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him.

Praying for you!

Your friend,